Hi all!

Welcome to JABB's photo gallery!  This section of the JABB site is a perpetual work-in-progress.  As one of the most time consuming and technology-dependent sections, this section's updates are sporadic...  I took these just so I'd have them ready for adding to newsletters and other JABB web pages as I needed them.  I never really intended to have a photo gallery but since a couple people asked... I figured I might as well put the photos up.  However, I've not edited/cleaned them up at all.  They're all of various sizes, no uniformity whatsoever!  :-)  And some just plain aren't very good.  (I generally do the editing and resizing right after I decide where exactly I want the particular photo placed.)  So feel free to do that yourselves.  If you do something especially cool with them, I'd love to see it and may be we can even post results some where online!

So having finished the Touched by an Angel gallery, I'm going back to some of John's earlier projects.  I'm kinda ambivalent about this.  Because I know there's not that much left to do before I'm done with these galleries completely.  So I'm pacing myself.  I know people got used to the TBAA galleries being updated every week but from here on out I'm not adhering to any established time table.  I'll be adding photos as the mood strikes me.  Thanks for your understanding.  Update 2: Well, now I'm back to the TBAA Gallery because of the DVDs.  No more TV logos eventually!

God bless,


"Touched by an Angel" Photo Gallery

"Promised Land" Photo Gallery

"Tour of Duty" Photo Gallery

"Murder, She Wrote" Photo Gallery


ZZ Top's "Sleeping Bag" Photo Gallery

"Making the Grade" Photo Gallery

"Campus Man" Photo Gallery

"Mother, Mother" Photo Gallery

"Best of the Best" Photo Gallery

"The Perfect Weapon" Photo Gallery

"Sioux City" Photo Gallery

"Journey to a Hate Free Millennium" Photo Gallery

"Once Upon a Christmas" Gallery

"Twice Upon a Christmas" Gallery


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