Now we come to my very favorite of John's films: Mother, Mother.  And, after many years of very bad quality photos, I finally have some actual screen caps.  Much, much better.  This movie deserved better representation on this site and now it has it.  John is awesome in this touching, heartfelt film.

For those who have not seen the movie, John plays Jeff Cutler who has recently lost his partner (Tom) to AIDS and is living with the disease himself.  Jeff is supported by his friend, Kate, and Martha, Tom's mother.  Sadly, he and his own mother are estranged.  Their relationship is typefied by an event from Jeff's childhood at a carnival.  Jeff wins a prize and chooses a red and black teddy bear (because of his admittedly dramatic nature, he later explains to Kate).  His mother, however, insists he take the (to her) more appropriate blue and white bear.  I'm telling you this so you understand why I made this page red and black.  It's for Jeff.  ;-)

God bless,


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