Making the Grade is the perfect movie for those people who think there aren't enough films about guys who wear pink and green.  :-)  Actually it's one of those goofy, R-rated, school comedies.  Fun, fun, fun!  But now for a public service announcement:

JABB does not advocate the usage of tobacco including the smoking of pipes.  We especially do not advocate smoking a pipe in synch with your buddies.  You will look like a nerd and people will laugh at you.  Which is okay if you're a character in a campy 80's comedy like Skip here.  But it is not cool in real life.  Just say no!

Also, I would just like to say that each time I watch this movie or see clips I am more and more horrified by the behavior depicted...  I am getting old.  Still... fun to watch.  :-)

God bless,


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